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As a family we have great respect for Garry. We are all very clear that many of the principles we have applied to our lives were taught to us, we did not just simply “understand” them on our own. With Garry and the council from ITI Financial, we have made decisions and applied principles that have helped to start and grow a company. Since its inception in 2005 it has generated a few million dollars in sales a year and has 11 employees, including my wife and my 2 oldest sons. In 2012 we were approached by an International company that invited us to come on board with them and represent their product here and gives us access to clientele from all over North America. We have been able to acquire a few million in real estate in the last number of years and are constantly being challenged to move forward and impact this great country and the people in it. Garry has taught me to include multiple professionals and people in my life; that we need each other’s excellence in order to be the greatest we can be in order to have the maximum impact. The structure of my life and the influence I am able to have in other people’s lives has been greatly influenced by Garry.

Darcy and Dallas 



I have been involved with ITI Financial since 1994. Garry has been a big part of our family in more ways than just our financial advisor.  He has been a mentor for my wife and I and our 3 children in all areas of our lives. One of the reasons why we chose Garry as our advisor is that he genuinely cares about what your dreams and goals are.  He pushes and challenges you to dream bigger and helps formulate a plan to reach those goals and dreams.  Honesty, Integrity and Respect are just three of the first things that come to mind.  His knowledge and advice on tax planning has saved us thousands of dollars that would have been gone to the tax man forever.    

One of the greatest attributes about Garry is that he has stood strong on his beliefs and remains solid on a plan of success for his clients.  He has built a committed and trustworthy team around him enabling him to sort through the "chaff" of economic and financial information that bombards us each day. We as a family have had many challenges over the years, one thing that we have been able to count on is the trusted guidance and commitment that Garry has shown us. Without it, I am not sure where we would be.  

Bob and Karen



We have known Garry Stratychuk since 2015. He came into our lives when the business we were in was going through some upheaval. This led to selling the business through which Garry was a tremendous support. He guided us through all the confusing legalities and advised us on how to do the sale to minimize taxes.

Between selling a business and starting a new venture, Garry was there to provide stability during uncertain times. He would constantly remind us to have patience for the best opportunity.

As we moved forward into buying a new operation, he was there again to give professional advice with long term success in mind.

But far beyond finances, Garry has also taught us about having other priorities, such as faith, family, and country, properly established in life. He’s been a friend who cared about how we were doing when our daughter with health challenges was born. He cheered us on as we built our new house. He’s provided personal validation. He’s challenged us to dream big and set goals for the future.

We as a family have been changed and will always be grateful for the impact Garry and his team have had and continue to have in our life. Garry is a mentor and true friend!

Stan and Emily 



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