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We confidently handed our complicated jigsaw puzzle like financial affairs to Garry Stratychuk. His name had been passed onto to us by a trusted friend who had nothing but great things to say about him. We were skeptical because of past experiences; but called and met with Garry.  We quickly sensed his sincerity and liked his down to earth common sense approach.  My wife and I made a decision to let Garry analyze our financial life and see what he had to say.  After looking over our situation, Garry met with us and laid out an action plan.  I was amazed at how he was able to simplify what seemed like a very complex situation.  He was able to articulate money management and investment ideas in a way that was easy to understand.  He introduced us to many easy to implement concepts but his ideas on tax savings alone were worth the exercise.  We soon built up a great trusting relationship and Garry has become our mentor for any and all financial decisions. We would confidently recommend Garry Stratychuk as an extremely knowledgeable professional who can be trusted to dissect and organize anyone’s financial affairs in a way that is customized to best suit the individual.

— Ron and Candy 






My experience with Mr. Stratychuk has been very positive. I initially knew him when I was purchasing flow though shares as a tax shelter. The relationship then developed into investment planning, tax protection, vehicle insurance, generation of  a will and estate planning.

Garry is a wonderful, sincere person, funny with a good sense of humour. If  I ask a question that Garry doesn't have the answer to, he has no problem at all referring me to another expert who knows more about the subject. That is something I treasure in him. He is not "Mister know it all", and he relies on a team of experts through different fields that offers his clients the best service.

You should try him for yourself, then you can write your own testimonial about him.

— Michael

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